Services & Support

At Garner Products, our goal is protect you against data theft by ensuring your storage media is fully erased and destroyed before disposal. More than that, we’re dedicated to making the process easy. Whether that means providing well-constructed products with unrivaled customer support or delivering a service with exceptional care, we deliver.

Technical Support

Support is a personal thing. When you have a question or need help, we put you in touch with a person, not an automated system.  Our industry-leading technical support team is available in multiple languages and around the world. Learn more

Data Erasure and Destruction Service

Every organization needs to erase and destroy data-storage media before disposal, but not everyone needs equipment on hand for the task. For those with a lower-volume need, we provide both onsite services at your location and shipment-based services. Learn more

Equipment Rental

For those who have a short-time need or want to try out equipment before purchasing, our equipment rental program provides an easy and affordable alternative. Learn more

Warranty Renewal

Contact us to determine if we can extend the warranty on your Garner product. We offer warranty extensions of products that are currently covered by warranty and may be able to provide an extended warranty on an out-of-warranty Garner product, as well. Learn more

Upgrade Program

Stay at the leading edge of data elimination technology with our POWER UP! trade-in program. POWERUP! provides top dollar for used Garner equipment when you purchase new equipment directly from us. Learn more

Videos & White Papers

As a manufacturing leader of degaussers and destroyers, our whitepapers provide knowledgeable insight into the technology behind data elimination and emerging data theft issues. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for answers to the questions we most commonly hear. Learn more